Contrast and balance in the eclectic style IDEAS FOR MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN

Contrast and balance in the eclectic style IDEAS FOR MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN

Contrast and balance in the eclectic style IDEAS FOR MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN

Eclectic style
The most personal and homogenous blend

Eclecticism itself is not unanimously accepted as a style; it is, probably, the most personal and homogenous blend of what you have, what you have left, what you afford, what you love and hate, but you surely want to remember.

The eclectic style is grandma’s rocking chair and the mirror from the first apartment, a contemporary painting inappropriately colored right above the chairs bought from the flea market and then painted by yourself; it is a flooring so special that sometimes you think of leaving the room empty for it to be the star! You walk around all these in your robe and slippers, because everything it’s exactly at their right place, that place, we, at Zone Deco, offer to create in your house.

The eclectic style is the one reinventing the interior design rules, mixing the old and the new, the luxury and the common, practically mixing pieces that don’t match at first sight. This doesn’t mean that this style allows mixing any furniture and any décor, because in any “chaos” there is a little order. When very well executed, the eclectic style reflects the personality, respecting in the same time the minimal rules of the design.

This is how an eclectic living room looks like, in our opinion. These images may serve you as inspiration, but we can adapt all components of the eclectic style, on demand, depending on each space.

Design și concept: Zone Deco
Design și concept: Zone Deco
Design și concept: Zone Deco

Interior design characteristics specific to eclectic style

Contrast plays an important role in this eclectic style, but the contrasting pieces must have a common ground, in order not to give the impression of a kitsch room. For example, in a room one may use different chairs, but they must have roughly the same shape or proportions.

The eclectic style leaves room for imagination: you may combine dark colors with light colors, rustic elements with elegant elements, but it is very important to create a liaison between the used elements. It is recommended to choose some central pieces and around them to create the décor of the room. A rule functioning in this style is the rule of the opposites: you can successfully combine glossy pieces with mat pieces, silk with linen or porcelain with plastic.

What colors should we use?

When we get to the color of the walls, white offers the perfect background for the colorful style the eclectic style is. Other colors can also be used, such as light blue, light grey or cream. You can mix pastel with powerful colors, different shades of the same color or keep everything in white and black.

What should we remember?

The eclectic style is a style encouraging the use of contrasting pieces, maintaining balance in the same time. Furniture can mix different pieces, as long as the décor is created based on some central pieces, and as for colors and textures, you only need imagination!


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