Interior design and decorations for residential villas – specialized services

The decoration of a residential villa is a long term investment that needs to comply with a series of essential criteria which are not necessary related to the immediate and easily obtained comfort, but to durability and efficiency, to obtaining a maximum long term comfort for each room.

We have experience and practical solutions for each type of space that needs decoration, for a house or a villa:

  • kitchen, dining room, living room;
  • bedrooms, children room and guest room;
  • bathrooms, entrance hall and stairs.

But also in decorating and interior design for spaces that are most common in villas:

  • playrooms for children, home cinema;
  • relaxing area, spa, inside pool, billiard room;
  • office or workspace, library, laundry room, etc.


Zone Deco services, interior design and decoration for home – villas and houses

For the investment you planned for decorating the villa you live in to be efficient and durable, Zone Deco’s team of architects and designers offers you professional support in all stages of the project or only for the stage you need support.

  • Creating the decorating and interior design project + the implementation for the entire villa or for certain rooms, interior design/decorating of living room and kitchen, decorating bedroom and children room, decorating the bathroom and toilets, decorating the relaxing area or other spaces and annexes, decorating stairs, halls, circulation areas etc.
  • Implementing a decoration and interior design project you already have and/or its adapting and optimization for extra comfort and efficiency or choosing the best products and cost optimization.
  • Consultancy for interior design of your home and for choosing your interior design style or adapting one style to the particularities of your house.
  • Choosing the products and the accessories or proper decorations from the point of view of the quality and durability, but also the interior design of the villa. Unique decorations made by Romanian designers, rugs and parquet, different types of flooring and wallpaper or curtains and upholstery offered together with Zone Deco services.


  • We offer and implement complete solutions of decorating your home: from the interior design Project, to its implementation with less conventional finishing for floors and walls, unique furniture and decorations.


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