Interior design and house decorations – complete or punctual services

Zone Deco’s team of architects and interior designers can help you find the optimum solution for decorating the house you live in or your holiday place or your winter or summer house.

We analyze and we propose concrete decoration solutions for any type of space, depending on the wishes of the clients, but also for a maximum comfort, efficient usage of the available space and the optimization of the budget.

  • living room decoration/interior design;
  • dining room design and decoration;
  • modern kitchen decoration;
  • bedroom and guest room interior design;
  • kids room interior design;
  • bathroom and lavatory facilities interior design;
  • relaxing spaces and other rooms decoration;
  • entrances and stairs, halls, circulation areas decorations.


Zone Deco services, interior design and house decoration

  • Preparing the decoration and interior design project for certain spaces or for the entire house and its implementation;
  • The implementation of a decoration and interior design project you already have;
  • Consultancy for interior design of your home and for choosing your interior design style or adapting one style to the particularities of your house;
  • Choosing the products and the accessories or proper decorations, in order to harmonize the room and the entire house, but also for an optimum ratio between quality, durability, purchasing, implementation or installing costs.

Together with the Zone Deco services you also gain the access to a special product range for interior design, selected especially for your clients.
More details about Zone Deco services!


  • We offer and implement complete solutions of decorating your home: from the interior design Project, to its implementation with less conventional finishing for floors and walls, unique furniture and decorations.


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