Interior design apartments – home decoration services

Decorating the apartment we live in is a special project that requires certain particularities, regardless if we are talking about a small apartment or a very spacious one, or if we are talking about an apartment inside a residential villa.

The position of the apartment within the building and the position of the rooms and their orientation to receive natural light during the day – if we are talking about a workshop or a study room for example, the access to the bathrooms and toilets, kitchen and living room that can either communicate or separate etc. – are just several of the aspects that need the expertise of an experienced architect.

Zone Deco interior design and decoration services for apartments

Zone Deco’s team of architects and interior designers finds and builds, together with the beneficiaries, the optimum solution of decorating, regardless if we talk about a small or a large apartment, with a complex internal structure

We present practical and efficient ideas for interior design for small spaces such as a stylish kitchen or toilets and annexes, but also decoration ideas for rooms with generous surfaces such as a living room or a playroom for children.

CONTACT ZONE DECO for a modern and comfortable home:

  • Creating the decoration and interior design project for certain rooms in an apartment or for your entire home – and its implementation;
  • Implementation of a decoration and interior design project you already have;
  • Consultancy for interior design of your home and for choosing your interior design style or adapting one style to the particularities of your house.
  • Choosing the products and the accessories or proper decorations, together with Zone Deco services, you also benefit of a special range of unique decorations made by Romanian designers, rugs and parquet, different types of flooring and wallpaper or curtains and upholstery.


  • We offer and implement complete solutions of decorating your home: from the interior design Project, to its implementation with less conventional finishing for floors and walls, unique furniture and decorations.


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