Bolon, Sweden Special Flooring vinyl

BOLON, special woven in vinyl flooring made in Sweden

The story of the special flooring brand – BOLON – starts 60 years ago, somewhere in Sweden. Bolon defines a new, revolutionary concept in the field of flooring – both regarding the design and the materials and manufacturing technologies. These floorings are made of vinyl woven, extremely resilient, with the look of textile materials, being practically based on a unique material with combined textures.

BOLON Insp StudioTriangl
BOLON Studio2013 Wing Close
BOLON Studio2013 Wing
BOLON ART Insp Petroleum

Advantages of vinyl floorings made by Bolon

  • The floorings are dirt resistant and easy to maintain;
  • They have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, maintaining the freshness of their colors and the smooth texture
  • The vinyl flooring by Bolon comply with all the standards of environment protection and detain all international conformity and quality certificates, such as GreenTag, BREEAM, Floorscore;
  • Some collections are made of recycled materials, in respect for the nature!
BOLON SIL Plank Balance
BOLON SIL Insp Studioplank Visual
BOLON SIL Studioplanks Illuminate
BOLON SIL Insp Studioplank Balance

All collections of vinyl flooring by Bolon are manufactured in Sweden, in the same place where each collection is being designed and created, and the raw material is brought from nearby; so, at any time a strict and detailed control can be made regarding the quality of the flooring.

BOLON NOW Insp Cerulea
BOLON MIS Flame Rust
BOLON GRA Insp London Close
BOLON GRA Insp Checked Close
BKB Insp Seagrass

Some of the collections presented in the flooring catalogue Bolon

Zigzag Aubergine - design Missoni, a delight of colors and comfort, a design available in 4 different patterns and different colors; it does not contain toxic compounds and it has all environment certificates.

The Graphic by Bolon flooring collection with modern design, available in 6 different patterns, very suitable for interiors with contemporary design. Colecția de pardoseli Bolon Graphic is special created for interiors with medium and high traffic, very resistant in time and easy to clean.

Artisan stands out through its innovative design, approaching traditional designs and directions for flooring in a modern light, due to modern manufacturing technologies, allowing unlimited combinations. The design is available in 2 patterns, in vivid and intense colors. The Artisan flooring by Bolon are recommended for high traffic, such as hotels and offices, but also for residential decorating, being really resilient to dirt and wear.

Colecția Create 3D with reflectorizing inserts, impresses through its spectacular way of offering light and optimism to any interior. The Create 3D collection by Bolon, available in 2 designs, is extremely resilient to dirt and wear, it does not contain dangerous compounds and it has all environment certifications.

BKB collection is spectacular through its design inspired by nature, but also by the sisal and coir mats, and by natural colors. Diversity of vivid and intense colors, durability and resilience to dirt are some of the advantages of the BKB by Bolon flooring collection.

BOLON BBY Weave Beige
BOLON BBY Grid Grey Lavender GlossL
BOLON BBY Geometric Beige Liquorice GreyD

Download here the BOLON catalogue!
Download file PDFSize: 9,94 MB

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