The carpet is an excellent solution in any comfortable environment. The collections we recommend you stand out through exceptional quality, special characteristics, chromatics and comfort.

Carpet Lano

  • unique and innovative collections in terms of design, texture, durability.
Carpet from Lano made of natural or polyamide fibers

Lano - detailes, photo gallery, catalog collections


  • you walk in a world of quality, vibrant colors and distinction, with carpet made of natural fibers from goat hair of Mongolia and wool of New Zealand.
Tretford carpet, 100% ecological, made of goat hair

Tretford carpet manufacturer, Germany - photo gallery, catalog collections

Moquetas Rols

  • carpet collections made of the highest quality wool, combining the traditional with innovative production techniques.
Carpet made of the highest quality wool from Roquetas Rols

Moquetas Rols, Spanish brand - photo gallery, catalog the latest collections

Condor, Saint Tropez

  • a collection that redefines the concept of luxurious comfort
Condor_Saint Tropez 102 2724
Condor_Saint Tropez 112 2832

Fletco, Couture

  • give style, quality and comfort to your space!
Fletco Couture 367450
Fletco Couture 367050
Fletco Couture 367050

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Interior design and house decoration

We analyze and propose concrete solutions for each type of room in your house.

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Interior design and decorations villas

We have experience and practical solutions for each type of space that needs decoration.

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Interior design for apartments

We present practical and efficient ideas for interior design for small spaces or for large rooms.

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Residential interior design projects

Interior design projects realized by Zone Deco for houses, villas and apartments.

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Interior design styles for residential

At Zone Deco, we highlight the customized concept and style, created by architects and designers.

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