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About Zone Deco

Who are we and what do we do
Zone Deco is an interior design company, born out of our passion for quality, customized concepts and styles, created by architects and designers for versatile and intelligent residential spaces. Our experience of over 12 years in the field of customized floorings and interior design recommends us for transforming any projects or decoration idea of a house in reality.

  • We have never been happy with regular spaces, without personality, that do not transmit anything
  • We do not like standardized spaces, but those spaces who offer you a unique feeling, that can only be found there, and not in other hundreds places.
  • We love spaces with a special charm, representing the people they were created for, where you can definately see the personal print of the person living there.
  • Each detail matters, each corner contributs to the final aspect.
  • Each material or decoration used must be carefully chosen, and each piece of furniture must tell the story of a whole.

Exactly because we love customised houses, houses „that have something to say”, we created Zone Deco a company for interior design and residential decorating. We sugest unique concepts, intelligent, versatile, atypical solutions, but in the same practical and functional; a house intelligently decorated does not waste your time and does not push you to extra maintaining activities or special treatment.